About KoreKloud

The goal of KoreKloud is to provide students with a solid foundation in academics and sports through various programs, such as 1-day events, courses, and workshops. This program is run by High-School volunteers who dedicate their time to teach students. We offer a variety of programs in the fields of math, science, computer science, language, business, and economics. 

Start a Chapter

Step 1: Join the KoreKloud Team

Hit the apply now button, and become a KoreKloud member! You can work alongside many experienced individuals who share a passion for teaching.

Step 2: Contact a Library Near You

After joining, you can lead and volunteer in our existing programs, or you can work with a library to bring new courses to your area.

Step 3: Volunteer With Your Friends

Invite your friends to the team, and work together to help give children invaluable skills. You might even make a few new friends along the way!